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State-backed Citizens Property Insurance hit by surge in lawsuits- By Lyle Adriano, June 20, 2022 - continue reading.

Florida Civil Litigation Attorney

An Experienced Florida Civil Litigation Attorney with a Commitment to Excellence.

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Florida Commercial Litigation Attorney: Justin R. Payne

A Florida Commercial Litigation Attorney With Years of Experience Representing Clients in Complex Business and Commercial Litigation

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Florida Civil Litigation Attorney Profile

Florida Civil Litigation Attorney Profile: Justin R. Payne

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Foreclosure Defense Attorney

An Experienced Foreclosure Defense Attorney Providing Quality Representation to Clients in Brevard County.

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Insurance Claim Lawyer Justin R. Payne

An experienced insurance claim lawyer getting results for clients in all types of property insurance disputes and litigation.

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Florida Real Estate Attorney

A Florida real estate attorney providing quality legal services to clients throughout Brevard County.

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Florida Foreclosure Procedure

Florida Foreclosure Procedure

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Florida Foreclosure Laws

Florida Foreclosure Laws: Important Issues and Developments for Florida Homeowners

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Florida Foreclosure Attorney

An Experienced Florida Foreclosure Attorney Dedicated to Providing Quality Representation.

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Florida Consumer Protection

Florida Consumer Protection - Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act

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