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An experienced insurance claim lawyer getting results for clients in all types of property insurance disputes and litigation.

Insurance claim lawyer Justin R. Payne has the knowledge and experience needed to recover for clients involved in insurance dispute litigation. At the Law Offices of Justin R. Payne, P.A., we are dedicated to providing quality, result-oriented representation to clients that have suffered property damage.  Aggressive representation is vital to ensure that insurance companies meet their obligations to policyholders regarding property insurance claims. 

An insurance claim lawyer with insurance litigation experience is critical to obtaining the maximum recovery for your damages. 

We have the knowledge and experience necessary to take your case to trial and get the recovery you deserve.

When policy holders’ buildings and personal property are lost, they are often faced with unreasonable delays in the claim adjustment process, underpaid claims, or a complete denial of their insurance claim. At The Law Offices of Justin R. Payne, P.A., we represent policyholders against their insurance companies to obtain coverage for losses to their buildings, personal property, lost use, living expenses, and lost income.

If your homeowners’ insurance carrier has denied your claim or refused to pay enough to repair the damage to your home, you need an experienced insurance claim lawyer to protect your rights and obtain the compensation you are owed.  If your business insurance carrier has denied or underpaid your claim, we will aggressively pursue your claim so you can get your company up and running again.

Insurance companies are required to promptly investigate your claim, pay for your covered losses, communicate with you regarding the status of your claim, pay for your covered losses or undisputed portion of the claim, and provide a reasonable explanation of any claim denial. The failure of your insurance company to do any of these, could mean that your insurance company has acted in bad faith. If your insurance company has acted in bad faith, you may be entitled to recover additional benefits or punitive damages.  If you suspect your insurer is acting in bad faith, consider contacting The Law Offices of Justin R. Payne, P.A. to make sure your claim is being handled properly.  

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